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Our Story...

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In 2014, having worked in our respective careers for 20+ years, we decided to take that experience, along with our personal connections, and make the world of staffing and recruiting feel a bit different. We agreed at the outset our business culture would be grounded in treating others the way we want to be treated in a professional setting.  


Our careers have connected us with some truly talented people. We have also encountered shortcomings whether it be people promising what they can't deliver; hiring staff who were not the right fit; or not responding in a timely manner which prevents everyone from moving forward. 

We took these experiences and established SeaHill Consulting Group with the notion that we would not be the biggest firm but we would do our absolute best for our clients. 


Personal connections are essential to us. Building lasting relationships helps our clients navigate the opportunities and challenges today. 

A bit more about SeaHill

What makes SCG different?

  • Our size makes us flexible and responsive.

  • Our price transparency model.

  • Our many years of operational, financial and relationship management experience.


Quality Vetting Process

We know it is the whole person that makes the best fit in any given position. We are diligent about vetting a candidate's resume, credentials, and cultural fit as part of our submittal process.  


We actively communicate and collaborate with the hiring managers to find right candidate for the position. 


We understand that office politics, reporting relationships, coworker personalities, and past lessons learned are all important considerations when evaluating our candidates.

Commitment to our Clients

Our commitment to our clients is real and honest. Those that have worked with us in our collective pasts have weighed in on our work ethic, integrity, and ability to manage relationships. 

Commitment to Giving Back

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Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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